What makes an investment grade property?

Investment Grade Property

Financial freedom. It’s the ultimate goal for so many of us, but unless you’re a turtleneck-wearing tech pioneer or a crypto trading wizard, achieving it can seem beyond your grasp. Didn’t our parents (and their parents) always tell us that you couldn’t go wrong with good old bricks and mortar? Well, it turns out they […]

Should I Use a Buyer’s Agent – How Much Money Can I Save?

Save Money Buying Property

Whether you are buying your dream home, your first investment property, or you have dozens of investment properties under your belt, enlisting the services of a buyers agent in Melbourne can be a great idea. Buyers agents (also know as buyers advocates) are a popular way to purchase homes in countries like the US, in […]

How to find a gift in the Christmas property market

As buyers and aspiring vendors begin to put their property plans on hold and start focusing on their holidays, the more astute start sifting through the realestate.com.au listings in search of some potential bargains. Coming into the first week of December, the majority of sales agents will suggest to upcoming vendors to hold off on marketing their […]

Overview: Positive signs in Melbourne’s Property Market

Where we were (looking at Melbourne’s Property Market )? Walking through an open home in February of this year and bumping into an investor, would have been akin to seeing a man riding a unicorn. It seemed that most had decided to leave their wallets in their pockets till they started to see a proposed […]

Should I purchase a period home?

Melburnians have always held a great affinity and affection for the beautiful period style architecture that borders the streets of our innermost suburbs. From the classic Victorian terraces of the late 1800’s, the gorgeous Californians of the 1910’s all the way to the eclectic art deco homes of the 1930’s, you would be hard pressed […]

Where should I invest?

I get asked this question quite often, either by clients, friends or family. My answer? Well, it depends where you are in life and what you are trying to achieve? This could easily come across as me trying to deflect the question but there is no ‘one size fits all’ policy when it comes to […]