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Whether you are purchasing your first home, your forever home, or even an investment property, we're here to simplify the process and take the stress out of searching.
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With our negotiation and bidding strategies, we save our clients $20k on average. 
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They helped me secure a great property in a perfect location with high potential for capital growth.

Osman Khelil - Northern Suburbs Investor, VIC
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What locations does Alfy buy property in?

Alfy has years of property experience throughout Melbourne, its surrounds, and throughout regional Victoria, so we can help you to save time and stress during the property buying process and enable you to secure the perfect property at the right price.

Because we are locals, you can benefit from our specialist knowledge in the Victorian property market.

Should I use a buyers agent for my first home (or forever home)?

Whether you are purchasing your first home, your forever home, or even an investment property, a buyer’s agent can assist to make the property purchasing journey less complicated.

If you are interested in purchasing property, then you can benefit from utilising a buyer’s agent!


Why choose Alfy Property as your buyers agent?

We have a passion for picking the perfect property for our investment savvy clients. Save countless lost hours by working with the property investment experts.

Hundreds of New Homes Bought

Over 15 years experience, and hundreds of new homes purchased.

We're Property Buying Experts

We know exactly what to look for, and how to get you the best deal.
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Alfy's expertise and knowledge of the market was outstanding. They knew all the tricks related to real estate agents and how they can manipulate buyers. I saved at least $30k!

Damien Byard - Property Investor, VIC

Our Services

Buyer's Advocacy

Saving you time and money by searching, identifying and acquiring a property that fits your criteria.
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Auction Bidding

Leverage our advanced auction biding techniques to help win the auction at the best price.
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Property Services

Your investment property is in good hands with our experienced Leasing Agents and Property Managers.

Customer Testimonial

"The team at ALFY made the search for our next investment property a simplistic and easy process. They are highly skilled, highly knowledgeable and very comforting to work with. Whether you’re looking for an investment property or a home, their experience in purchasing make it an easy decision!"

Carlo - Property Investor, VIC

What is a buyers agent?

A buyer’s agent, also known as a buyer’s advocate, or house buying agent, is a real estate professional who is hired by a prospective homebuyer or property investor. Their job is to research, evaluate and negotiate the purchase of a property. Similar to how real estate agents work for the property seller, the buyer’s agent will work for you, the property buyer, to ensure you get the best property to suit your requirements and budget.

Buyer’s agents can help make the property buying experience much less stressful as you have working on your behalf and helping you to make the best decisions for your property purchase. 

A buyer’s advocate generally offers two types of services:

  • Find properties that meet your criteria, and negotiate the purchase of that chosen property, or
  • They can bid for you at the auction of a property that you have found for yourself.

In an industry where the majority of services are designed purely to assist the property seller, a buyer’s agent will give you the reassurance that you have someone in your corner. 

Why use a buyers agent?

There are many reasons why you should work with a buyer’s agent on your next property purchase;

  • Gain local knowledge and accurate information about property value and the growth potential for your chosen suburb/s;
  • Help you to negotiate the best possible deal on the property purchase price;
  • Provide accurate appraisals and give you the true market value of the property you are interested in;
  • Use their network to give you access to off-market properties that other people may not even know about;
  • Help you to avoid making emotional decisions, which may result in you paying more money than you need to for your chosen property; and
  • Remove a lot of the stress from the property buying process by knowing you have enlisted the help of an experienced property professional to guide you.

Hiring a real estate professional like a buyer’s agent to help you to source and secure your property can make the process much more simple and stress-free.


Who do we work with?

Home Buyers

Whether it’s your first home or your forever home, we want to make that a reality. As an independent Buyers Advocate, we act in your best interest by having a good understanding of the sales process and the tactics that sales agents use.


Investing is all about the numbers – we identify properties in areas with strong capital growth, assess their value and determine the expected rental income. 

Whether it’s your first investment property or your 10th, at Alfy, our finesse and strategic approach has helped our investor clients just like you. 

We're Property Buying Experts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer’s agent or buyers advocate costs can differ as this can depend on who you choose to work with. Some buyer’s agents charge an engagement fee before they begin the search for a property, while others charge either a flat fee for their services, or instead earn a percentage of the property’s purchase price. 

If you choose to use a buyer’s agent just to bid at auction, then you will generally pay a lower fee as there is much less time and effort involved compared to the full service offering. 

If you are using your home buyer advocate to purchase an investment property, it’s worth noting that the cost of using a buyer’s advocate is generally tax-deductible. Speak with your accountant to work out the best options to suit your particular financial situation.

As with any financial decision, it is imperative that you research your buyer’s agent thoroughly to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for.

Your real estate buyers agent will be able to negotiate a better price by studying comparable sales to get a good idea of what your chosen property is really worth, by cultivating goodwill with the property vendor, by identifying any potential weaknesses with the property which could result in a discount, and by understanding the seller’s motivation for selling. With all of this information at their disposal, your real estate buyers advocate will be able to glean a better understanding of the true value of the property, which will help them, to help you get the best price on your property.

While you may be able to get an idea of property values by using tools provided by your bank or real estate websites, these are not always accurate. Experienced property buyers agents use a number of tools to help them to determine the market value of your chosen property. They use their expert knowledge to research recent comparable sales, and inspect the property in question in order to determine it’s true value. They might even engage expert property valuers to further back up their research.

Once you have found the perfect place and have finished negotiations, you might be wondering how long until you can open the door of your brand new home or investment property. The time a property can take to buy can depend on a couple of different factors. The property seller has the power to set the date of settlement in the contract of sale, and the settlement period is usually 4 to 6 weeks. It’s worth keeping in mind that your lender may take at least 2 to 3 weeks to confirm formal approval, issue loan documents and be in a position to settle. The seller can also request a longer settlement period which must be adhered to.

While your buyer’s agent can monitor the settlement process and liaise with selling agents, contractors and settlement agents, unfortunately they cannot physically complete your paperwork for you!

While they cannot sign on the dotted line with you, they can provide assistance and help you to understand the terms and conditions in the contract and give you their opinion about whether these terms are in your best interests, but they cannot provide you with legal advice unless they are also a lawyer.

A buyer’s agent cannot complete building and pest inspections themselves (unfortunately we are not that talented!), but we can certainly arrange building and pest inspections, and other services on your behalf. Have a chat with your property buyers agent to see what inspection they would recommend for your chosen property.

Absolutely. We’re used to working with client’s remotely and can in different timezones. We understand that communication is key when working with you remotely. We’re set up on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, WhatsApp – you name it!

At Alfy, we are the property buyer agent Melbourne property residents prefer, and we always work hard to keep your best interest at heart. Our team has over 15 years of experience and are passionate about picking the perfect property for our clients.